Mikko Patama keyboard lessons header photo Teemu Kekkonen Photography

Keyboard lessons

Looking for keyboard lessons from a qualified teacher? If you live in Finland and you’re interested in expanding your knowledge in…

  • essential knowledge of basic keyboard sounds in a band context
  • practical sound design with analog and digital synthesizers, building your own sounds from scratch
  • playing technique and chops with hammond organ and classic electromechanical keyboards (rhodes, wurlitzer, clavinet)
  • building a stable setup and performing live with a laptop as your sound source (hosts like Gig Performer, MainStage, Ableton Live, dozens of different synth plugins like u-he Diva, Omnisphere, TAL-U-NO-LX2, Massive, built-in synths of Logic Pro etc.)

…don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for keyboard lessons! Lessons available in both Finnish and English for private students or small groups.

I have over ten years of professional experience specializing as a synthesizer and keyboard player in all kinds of bands and projects. There are thousands of qualified piano teachers out there but still in 2020s it might be difficult to find a good teacher who can help aspiring keyboard players when it comes to creating your own sounds and making them stand out in a band context. Whether you’re a freelance keyboard player getting ready for a cover gig with 30 classic 80s synth-pop songs or an artist who wants to expand their sonic palette and wrap their head around the possibilities today’s synthesizers can offer, I can help you on your way.

Mikko Patama keyboard lessons photo by Mikko Malmivaara
Photo by Mikko W. Malmivaara from Little Italy Finland festival 2021.

Rig consultation

I can also help you choose your instruments, whether it be hardware synthesizers or software controlled via a midi-keyboard, or even both, depending on your budget and needs. I personally currently gig with a hybrid setup combining various hardware keyboards and Gig Performer 4 but I’ve also performed with setups built around Mainstage and Ableton Live.

Mentor with experience

Mikko Patama tweaking synths in Pasila, photo by Teemu Kekkonen

I have previously taught many of my professional colleagues privately at my work-room in Itä-Pasila, Helsinki. In autumn 2020 I also had students from Sibelius Academy, the only music university in Finland. I graduated as bachelor in music pedagogy from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2017, and currently I’m working on a master’s thesis with the working title “Constructing sounds, Constructing Knowledge: A New Paradigm in Synthesizer Pedagogy”.