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Rackspace Template for Gig Performer
Interactive Courses on Synth Programming and Drawbar Organs

Rackspace Template for Gig Performer

The exact template Mikko uses when utilizing Gig Performer as a plugin host. On every Jupu Group and Overhead performance, at least half of the keyboard sounds are made with plugins, which run as VST3 inside Gig Performer. This template functions as a quick starting point when building a new setup for new songs or projects. No instrument plugins are included, only some pre-routed EQ ja basic effects which are frequently used.

Three commercial plugins are used inside this rackspace: Fabfilter Pro-Q, Valhalla Vintageverb and Valhalla Delay. If you don’t have those exact plugins installed, feel free to replace them with your favorite EQ and FX plugins (first free recommendations: TDR Nova for EQ, Deelay for Delay, TAL-Reverb-4 for reverb)

screenshot of panel view of rackspace template
Screenshot of the panel view of the Rackspace template

Screenshot of the wiring view of the Rackspace template

Screenshot of the Global Rackspace, including panels for Valhalla plugins

Interactive Courses on Synth Programming and Drawbar Organs

Mikko has developed and released two interactive entry-level courses:

7 classic synthesizer sounds and how to program them” and “Crash course to Drawbar Organs” explain step by step and with very practical examples how different parts in classic synthesizers and drawbar organs (Hammond B3, C3, “clonewheels” etc.) work. The courses were designed for beginners but can also be very helpful for intermediate and professional keyboardists.

The courses were built inside Gig Performer, a popular audio plugin-host software designed for live-performance. TAL Noisemaker, a free synth plugin, is used on the synth course. Hanon B70 plugin by LostIn70s is used for the organ sounds, Overloud TH-U amp simulator for Jon Lord -type rock organ sounds. B70 and TH-U are included in Gig Performer as free additions.

Gig Performer is a commercial software, but a free 14 day trial version is also available. The .gig-files including both courses can be downloaded from the community posts where they are introduced: synth course and organ course.

All basic sound-shaping tools from drawbars to percussion settings, vibrato/chorus, leslie and guitar amp simulator are covered.
The course also introduces some classic drawbar settings which fit many styles of music