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Cover photo by Teemu Kekkonen

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Mikko Patama is a dedicated keyboard player with a career encompassing a variety of musical styles and groups. His 15-year professional journey is characterized by a commitment to musical exploration and collaboration.

Currently, Mikko is a member of Jupu Group, a progressive rock band with roots dating back to the early 1970s. He contributed to their latest album “Umpeen kasvoivat polut,” released in 2022, which demonstrates the band’s enduring musical influence.

In late 2023, Mikko expanded his repertoire by joining Overhead. Overhead is recognized for its successful albums and live performances across Europe, having participated in festivals in countries like Germany, France, the UK, and Italy, performing alongside bands such as Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets and Tangerine Dream.

Performing with Overhead at Centrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany in 2023. Photo by Angelika Sommer/Impuls Promotion

Since 2022, Mikko has also toured regurarly with The Miracle – A Night with Queen, a tribute show featuring Queen’s greatest songs combined with elements from Freddie Mercury’s life story.

His past experiences include collaborations with electronic groups NOOA (2017-2022) and Alec Danger (2014-2018). Additionally, Mikko has worked as a session player, contributing to albums by Kaisla Tuuli and Iiris Tarnanen, among others.

In the hip-hop genre, Mikko produced beats for Kale’s (aka Steen 1) “2013-2015” album and contributed to Paleface’s “Luova tuho” remix album with Recluse Crew. His composing and arranging work were also heard in the Finnish “Variassuo” musical and the documentary film “Favela Funk Finlandia”.

Throughout his career, Mikko Patama has been a part of various projects, demonstrating a broad range of skills and an ability to adapt to different musical environments. His work reflects a deep engagement with music and a consistent pursuit of collaborative creativity.